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A cure thalassotherapy allows to benefit at the most from benefactions of the sea water, but also from seaweeds and from some marine mud. The sea water , rich in trace elements and minerals , helps revitalize the body.

Algae have trace elements and vitamins. They allow to cleanse the skin and to rebalance it. Sea mud, rich in trace elements, is known for its analgesic and detoxifying properties. Applied directly to body parts, sea mud helps restore suppleness and vitality to the skin.

In the Mont-Saint-Michel bay, on the outskirts of Granville, the newly opened Prévithal institute has an exceptional location overlooking a majestic site. Entirely dedicated to treatments, this area is made up of two areas:
The ‘dry zone’: hydrojet, massage cabin, physiotherapy treatments with Ecole du dos© (spinal rehabilitation) area.
The ‘wet’ zone: rehabilitation pool, marine mud bath, seaweed wraps and applications of marine muds, hydro massage bath, jet shower, affusion shower, marine hydromassage and foot spa. A cabin offering all of these treatments s available for those with reduced mobility.