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‘Ecole du dos®’ (spinal rehabilitation) cure

24 treatments over 6 days

‘Ecole du dos®’ (spinal rehabilitation) cure

Prevent and relieve pain permanently, preserve your back

Do not let back pain, preserve your health, for a well-being every day, learn in a few days good reflexes, take care of your back and prevent back pain, this is the principle of the back school proposed at Prévithal.

After a muscular assessment, our physiotherapist guides you in the gestures and postures to adopt daily. Our dietician and a coach advise you throughout the week.

This cure is limited to 6 people per week for a more personalized accompaniment.

Product details

Remineralize and hydrate

- 3 applications of algae or marine mud, 3 seaweed or marine mud baths
- 1 hydro-massage bath, 1 hydrojet, 1 affusion shower, 1 marine hydromassage, 1 jet shower

Specific back

- 3 physiotherapy pool rehabilitation sessions *
- 3 physiotherapy massages under affusion or dry *
- 6 back® school workshops *


- 1 dietary consultation or coaching.


It is possible to replace the collective pool treatment with group sessions in the gym.

* Physiotherapy treatments are exclusively scheduled in the afternoon from Monday to Friday and Saturday morning (massages, rehabilitation, Ecole du dos® workshop, gestures and postures workshop...).

Stays available

‘Ecole du dos®’ (spinal rehabilitation) cure

Without accommodation


‘Ecole du dos®’ (spinal rehabilitation) cure

With accommodation

1 451,00€