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B Attitude

20 treatments over 6 days

B Attitude

Our natural heritage takes care of our body

B like: Marine mud, Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, Balneotherapy, Well-being, Seaside, Bol d'air .... This treatment is based on marine mud rich in trace elements that is extracted from the seabed of the Chausey Islands.

Applied hot it can remineralize the body, treat rheumatism, joint pain. Applied cold, it treats oedemas and circulatory problems.

In the continuity of your care, the B Attitude cure includes a guided crossing * of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel in direct contact with the mud.

Product details

6 days 20 treatments

to relax

- 1 modeling B Attitude
- 2 hydrojets


- 3 mud wraps,
- 3 hydromassage baths, 2 jet showers, 1 affusion shower, 1 marine hydromassage


- 1 aquatic scrub with salt crystals
- 1 basic facial care of the sea

to tone up

- 1 kiné massage ** under affusion
- 1 long coast at sea
- 1 oxygenating walk
- 2 aquagyms

Stays available

B Attitude

Without accommodation

1 200,00€

B Attitude

With accommodation

1 788,00€