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Thalasso Granville, Bay Of Mont Saint Michel

In the Mont-Saint-Michel bay, on the outskirts of Granville, the newly opened Prévithal institute has an exceptional location overlooking a majestic site. From its huge bay windows, you can enjoy the spectacle of the ceaseless rise and fall of the tides which go to make this bay so unique. Throughout the day, the constantly changing light is reflected by the colours of the sea and the sky. In the distance, the Chausey islands emerge and disappear as the tides come and go. 

A mythical destination… the Mont-Saint-Michel bay Kingdom of water and sand

UNESCO “World Heritage” sites are mirrors of the past; they are exceptional as much for their history as for their architecture. Mont Saint Michel  a “Wonder of the West” and its bay attract many visitors year after year. The Gothic Benedictine Abbey, dedicated to the Archangel Saint-Michael, is the source of many legends...


A town, an archipelago… Granville and chausey islands A maritime and cultural history

Granville lived during more than four centuries at the rate of the fishing seasons towards Grand Banks of Newfoundland and of Saint Pierre and Miquelon. 


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