• Hydrotherapy

Entirely dedicated to treatments, this area is made up of two areas:

The 'dry zone’: hydrojet, massage cabin, physiotherapy treatments with Ecole du dos© (spinal rehabilitation) area.

The ‘wet’ zone: rehabilitation pool, marine mud bath, seaweed wraps and applications of marine muds, hydro massage bath, jet shower,affusionshower, marine hydro massage and foot spa. A cabinnoffering all of these treatments is available for those with reduced mobility.



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  • 1 treatment between hydrotherapy and algotherapy: 50 €
  • 2 treatments : 80 €*
  • 3 treatments : 110 €*

*on the same half day of treatments.

Hydro massage Bath (15 mn)

In a seawater bath (heated to 35°), a sequential massage is dispensed by a series of underwater jets; moving from your feet to your neck, the jets follow the course of your muscles on the way up and return via the venous system. Revitalises the skin, promotes muscle relaxation and stimulates blood flow.

Affusion Shower (15 mn)

Stretched out on a treatment bed, a fine shower of rain water sweeps across your body ; the low pressure jets work on the body's various nerve endings, delivering a deeply soothing treatment. The absolute ‘most’ in relaxing treatments.

Jet Shower (10 mn)

A long distance massage delivered by a hydrotherapist using a seawater jet. Depending on its pressure, its temperature and the course of the massage, this treatment produces different results: tension relieving (rain shower), toning (penetrating shower) or relaxing (foaming shower).

Marine Hydro massage (15 mn)

A deep, circulatory massage delivered by an adjustable pressure jet in a warm seawater bath. Vibrations caused by the water jets create circulatory movements in the bath which also act on the skin by massaging the various muscle points. A treatment that relieves muscle tension and eliminates toxins with its circulatory action.

Seaweed Bath (20')
Bath enriched seawater algae that recharge and rebalance the body in trace elements . detoxifying and relaxing care .

Seaweed Application (20')
Local application of warm seaweed . Detoxifying and relaxing ( extra 15 euros for the full body wrap) .

Bath sea mud (20')
heated sea water bath with added sea mud of the bay of Mont Saint -Michel . Analgesic care , remineralizing , relaxing , anti-inflammatory.

Application of marine muds (20')
Application of muds stemming from marine sediments of the Bay(Berry) of the Mont Saint-Michel. Analgesic, remineralizing, relaxing care, anti-inflammatory  (15-euro supplement for the complete envelope of the body).

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